Novatronic C3

Used as digital plasticity and moisture control system of clay material in Brick and Klinker Works, Roofing tile works, handmade brick fabrication, technical ceramics and more application used clay materials.

Advanced functions and the analysis of the production process in preparation and shaping by data acquisition and archiving in a database in connection with integration into the company network guarantee you a high degree of automation.

Novatronic C3


The NOVATRONIC C3 is based on a PLC controller and is for single processing machines and production lines with up to five processing machines like pan mills, rotary screen feeder, single and double shaft mixer feeding extruder.
Following parameters can be used to regulate the addition of water, steam and dry substances with theNOVATRONIC C3:

• moisture [%]
• current consumption [A]
• plasticity [%]
• temperature [°C]
• weight [kg]
• material flow [cm3]
• level detection [%]
• belt speed [ms-1]

The customer has the choice in the PLC Hardware between a SIEMENS S7 or a B&R solution.


We know how important is the evaluation of the production process, so the measured data stored in a database and displayed graphically.

In addition to the control parameters, the following data’s can be stored additional in the database:

• consumption of water / steam [L]
• temperature of water / steam [°C]
• flow rate of water / steam [Lh-1]
• consumption of material [kg]
• active power [Ws]
• load profile [W]

Customized desires can be integrated.


With the NOVATRONIC C3 it is possible all measured Data to import to your company network. About a secured VPN connection the data security is ensured. Thus, even the operation of the NOVATRONIC C3 mobile or from the office possible.

With the NOVATRONIC C3 we offer a remote service and diagnostic based on a broadband data connection for visual and acoustic communication between customers and service technicians.

For more information please refer to our information brochure:

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  • Example

          Novatronic C2

Compact control system for humidity control and plasticity at

• Pan mill
• Mixer
• Circular screen feeder
• vacuum units

Depending on the raw material and the plant situation, an addition of

• Water
• Steam
• Water und Steam
• dry material

can be implemented as a single loop or cascade control.

In combination with a belt weigher also feed-forward is possible.

Here, it can be combined with (according to the measuring task meaningful) plasticity and humidity sensors .

The control unit Novatronic C2 is offered as follows:

• complete with dosing units for water and steam
• optional strand temperature display
• as a single device with existing peripherals

Novatronic C2

For more information please refer to our information brochure:


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The corresponding component of the Novatronic C control unit

Unidades de dosificación agua y húmedo

The corresponding component of the Novatronic C control unit