From the Remote Service to the operation and monitoring of the equipment in the Office, with the control and measuring systems of Sensor Control, this is possible.

A careful analysis of the measured values in the sand preparation of form of is of increasing importance to our clients. To do this, we have developed a database software stores the data in the and for analysis purposes graphically are prepared.

So, you monitor your process.

With its mobile operation via tablet, they have a comfortable solution for the operation or maintenance of our systems. Employed as a mobile camera, we offer the possibility to
present your concern directly to our Service Staff in the context of the remote service.

This procedure is very successful especially when language barriers.

For more detailed information on our Networking please refer to our information brochure:


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Data security

Adequate data security is a prerequisite for the storing and working with in-house process information.

Therefore, the data transfer is carried out in your closed intranet or the remote service and
the online solution through a closed VPN secure connection.

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